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A complete solution for your branding includes graphic design through to finished artwork and, if required, printing.

Your web presence is important to complete your corporate image and we offer a full web design service including, where needed, a database design and implementation to give you a fully interactive web site.

Why use us?

  • A single point of contact for your graphics, print and web means reduced cost and reduced stress
  • A single point of contact means that your needs are catered for whatever your requirements and followed through to maintenance and repeat work.

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Graphic design

Everyone knows that logos and advertising material production requires good design which places your corporate message in front of the reader.

We can design and produce such material, of course.

But there is another, often neglected, side to the graphics needs of a business or organisation such as yours.

Yes, your letterheads and business cards are nice to look at and carry the right message, but how about the more mundane items?

Your stationery is just as important as your advertising to project your message

Order forms, invoices, time sheets, labels, all these require just as much care, especially if they are seen by your clients or members.

You've taken care with your advertising and letterheads but don't neglect your forms, internal and external.

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ps Your forms can be created as dynamic pdf pages if you wish

Finished artwork

The key to good printing is quality finished art. Our knowledge of printing processes enables us to prepare artwork which is camera ready and crisp regardless of the final process.

Artwork can be provided in electronic form or hard copy to suit your requirements and we can, if you wish, liaise with your printer to tailor it exactly to your requirements. We can even arrange printing for you.

Any artwork prepared for you remains your property so you needn't worry about anyone else using your designs, your work is between you and us and no-one else.

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Even if you had the design prepared elsewhere we can still prepare finished art for you.


While we don't print ourselves we have access to quality print shops from whom we can obtain preferential rates which we can pass onto you. We use reliable printers who always deliver high quality results on time.

Offset lithographic printing yields high quality results quickly when under the control of experienced printers so you can be assured of excellent results every time

From business cards, letterheads and leaflets to full colour brochures, our print service offers guaranteed results.

Monochrome, spot colour and full colour printing is readily available and you will get to see proofs, if you wish, before any print run is started.

Of course, the full range of finishing is available, perforating, padding, binding, etc.

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Web design

These days every business and organisation requires a web site. The image of the organisation needs to be projected, not only in advertising and stationery, but in the design of its web site. Whether it's a simple brochure site such as this or a more complex, data driven, site, the image is important.

Having your own site gives you your own email domain

There are still businesses, some quite large, who have generic email addresses. This is sometimes by design but doesn't fit well with the professional image of an organisation. How much better to have an address such as than

That's just a bonus. Having a well designed site which is easy to navigate and a pleasure to visit can bring in business and we can, of course, put together a site based on your exact requirements and at a price that you can afford.

We will assist you in registration for your domain name and obtaining a hosting package for your site.

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database and build it, of course. We will design your pages around the data based on your exact requirements and carry on maintaining your site so you won't have to worry about it being up to date.

Database design and full coding for your interactive web site.

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Calligraphy (meaning beautiful writing) has been used throughout the centuries, indeed the millenia, to add importance to documents or to enhance their appearance.

Many of us have seen the beautifully written mediaeval manuscripts and more recent deeds penned in a clear, legible hand. We can write your deeds, will and other documents on fine paper or even on vellum.

Why have ordinary printed documents when you can have deeds or wills hand written to order?

For those very special documents we can even use gilding, raised or flat in pure gold to enhance a gift, poem or prose. We can produce written work in modern hands as well as a number of mediaeval hands with or without illumination.

Please note that we do not prepare wills or other legal documents. We hand write such documents based on an original prepared by a legal professional.

Your privacy

We value your privacy as much as our own and promise that we will never share information given by you, including your email address, to any third party. This does not include any party contracted to carry out work on your behalf, such as a printer, but we will always seek your permission before contacting any such party.

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